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Hi, friends!

We are a small studio Plugtopus Agency, we create useful extensions for your Google Chrome. For a long time we worked on full enthusiasm and tried to create products completely free of charge, without requiring money. Unfortunately, the time has come when the number of servers and extensions has grown so much that we simply have to change our business model. As before, we are categorically against obsessive or annoying advertising, collecting personal user data and other things that can interfere with your comfortable work in Chrome. Also, for your convenience in most cases, we try to replace existing banner blocks on the page without adding new ones (all our ads are signed as "Ads by Ext")

Plugtopus Agency is a studio that first added extensions to bypass site blocking. We have created extensions for downloading music from your favorite social networks, made it possible to change the design of popular pages and much more.

Thank you very much for using our extensions!

With respect and great love,
Plugtopus Agency